Many would gladly welcome the wealth lovingly left to you. But after having a strong financial partner for so many years, you are now making the important decisions about your family’s future on your own.

I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I’m here to say YOU HAVE MORE POWER than you think.

And I'M HERE TO BE BY YOUR SIDE as a trusted partner to help grow your wealth.


What I Can Do for You

Noah Rubin

Noah Rubin

  • CFP
  • MBA
  • Managing Director - Investments


While I can’t ever replace the special bond you and your beloved shared, I will be your caring partner in all money related matters: 

Rubin-bullet2.pngShoulder the strategy for your wealth

Rubin-bullet2.pngRecommend what’s in your best interest, based on my experience and your particular situation

Rubin-bullet2.pngProvide objective, unbiased advice and guidance

Rubin-bullet2.pngBe a reliable and patient resource for your questions: on spending and gifting, to investments and insurance, and everything in between.

No matter what, my goal is for you to assert financial self-assurance during our journey together.


Compassionate Answers for Common Questions


I’ve been asked a lot of questions by surviving spouses over the years. But no matter their circumstances, these seem to be common to all:

Rubin-Q.png “How do I preserve money for my children and grandkids?”
Rubin-A.png That depends on lots of things, including how much wealth you want to leave behind and when you want your loved ones to access it. Do you give while you live, provide it all as an inheritance or balance between the two? I can provide simple, honest advice based on your goals.
Rubin-Q.png “If I have a non-investment question, can I still come to you for help?”
Rubin-A.png Of course: We can discuss any money matter, from buying a new car to homeowner’s insurance, remodeling questions and even coach vs. first class tickets. Just call or come see me and we’ll make a sound decision together.
Rubin-Q.png “How do I treat my family fairly and equally with what I give to them now and what I leave to them?”
Rubin-A.png Not all children need the same level of support. Yet, it may be important to give equitably and fairly to each child. The good news is, Wells Fargo affiliates has an entire team of professionals who specialize in family dynamics.
Rubin-Q.png “Am I spending too much money?”
Rubin-A.png The truth is, anyone might without proper planning. I will help you make wise decisions with the intent that you have enough money to live the way you want to.   

“Should I have my children involved in my financial affairs?”

Rubin-A.png Often there is one child who steps up and becomes involved, offering help and their opinion. Involving them in our meetings may enhance confidence and comfort in your money decisions.   


About Me


Rubin-family_900px.jpgWhy I Take What You’re Experiencing Personally

You might distrust someone you’ve never met with something as important as your wealth.

I wish my deceased Grandmother had.

My Grandfather was an entrepreneur who left her millions of dollars in today’s money. While she understood hard work, she didn’t understand investments. Her grief and inexperience compromised her ability to make sound financial decisions. She sold my grandfather’s business for much less than it was worth and invested the proceeds in a “can’t miss” real estate opportunity that never panned out.

She lost potentially multi-generational wealth in a matter of years, leaving her with three kids to support and no money.

This shouldn’t have happened to her — and I don’t want it to happen to you.

A Little More About My Background

Rubin-bullet2.pngI am close to and respect all the women in my life, including my widowed Grandmother (deceased), widowed Mother and widowed Aunt.

Rubin-bullet2.pngI have been married to my wife Paola for 15 years. We have two daughters and two sons.

Rubin-bullet2.pngI have advanced educational credentials, including Certified Public Accountant (non-practicing), a master’s degree in business, as well as the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation.

Rubin-bullet2.pngI am known for my calm demeanor and patient personality; two must-have traits for your situation.

I have helped empower many survivors during my 20-year financial career. And I would be honored to do the same for you.

Make Today the Day You Take Control


I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your goals to provide some initial thoughts about your situation. Maybe even some reassurance. If you’d like your children or other loved ones to be part of our conversation, please have them join, too.

Call 561.338.8013 or email [email protected] for your compassionate consultation.