To balance what may be competing investment priorities, we will help you keep a long-term perspective and maintain a stable strategy. We’ll also seek to be proactive in finding the profits when an opportunity presents itself. These two tasks require a constant focus on your accounts and the economy, as well as flexibility to make quick changes as needed.


We accept the daily burden of watching your accounts closely, giving you the time and freedom to focus on other aspects of life such as your health, family, and passions.


Emotions – mainly fear and greed – can often drive money decisions. It’s extremely difficult to be unemotional with your own money, and so we take on the role of helping you be more objective. We are happy to be your sounding board for reason by allowing you to say what’s on your mind and helping you gain clarity around your thoughts.

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We actively dedicate a substantial amount of time to help you sleep at night. Profits are important, yes, but only if your emotional well-being toward your money is balanced.

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When it comes to the performance of your accounts, we don’t believe in ambiguity. If you were concerned about your health and went to see a doctor, the last thing they would be is vague. We believe that your wealth holds the same importance as your health, and therefore, we aren’t vague either.

Instead, our performance reporting:

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Values are important. As a client of ours and of Wells Fargo Advisors, your values are met and protected by one of the largest banks in the world. Simultaneously, you’re receiving the attention of a local staff who knows you personally and cares about you completely. We strive to constantly maintain strength and flexibility and communicate often – even more so when markets are trending down.

Our team is a beacon in the storm – a steadiness you can depend on when fighting the emotions of fear and greed.

There’s No “800 Number”.png

In our personal lives, we know how frustrating it can be to have to call an “800 number.” Rather than get connected to someone immediately, you have to deal with long wait times, listen to all the options, and speak commands into your phone. We’ve heard our clients have to deal with that in other areas of their lives, but that’s not the case here.

Instead, we either:

Resolve the issue for you over the phone.png
Talk to someone who can help us take care  of you_ or....png
2 If a resolution requires a customer service agent_ we facilitate the call_ tell the agent the situation_ prepare the conversation_ and then call you to finalize everything.png